Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kelsey Noble is Blooming With Books!

We are pleased to announce Kelsey Noble is the final winner of the Blooming With Books basket donated by the Maryville Chapter of the Missouri Writer's Guild. Enjoy the basket of books and goodies Kelsey. We're sure you'll find hours of entertainment inside. Congratulations!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Amy Houts Featured on KQ2

Author Amy Houts was recently interviewed by KQ2 television of St. Joseph. In her interview, Amy talks about what encouraged her toward a life of writing, and now publishing. She released her first cooperative board game titled Find My Heart, in May of 2016. She has her own publishing imprint, Houts & Home Publications, LLC., and her own website, Houts & Home. Take a moment to watch her interview and read the article. You can find her books available on her website and on Amazon.

KMA Radio Interview with Irene Alexander

Irene Alexander, educator, poet, and children's book author from Barnard, Missouri, recently gave an interview to our own local KMA radio station. It's a great interview. Listen here!

Congratulation's on the new book Mama B! Click on the image below. You can purchase Irene's latest print book and e-book on Amazon.com, print books through Irene's website www.authorirenealexander.weebly.com, or on the publisher's site, Amazing Things Press.

 You can find it on Amazon

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marketing and Reviews

There was much discussion at last night's meeting of the Maryville Chapter of the Missouri Wrtier's Guild. The topics included reviews, obtaining them and how they affect sales positively or negatively. Targeted marketing and social media marketing options for writer's were also discussed, including local print, radio, and television.

As a follow-up, here is a link to the Poets & Writer's Review Outlets database for any authors interested in finding reviewers for their books. This is a great magazine, too, for anyone looking for addition information.

Be sure to read their submission criteria. There are many who will not accept self-published books for review. There are some who will, like The Washington Post and Bookreview.com and others.