Irene Alexander

Irene Alexander is a gifted poet and author of children's books. Her creative efforts were encouraged early in her childhood, by her teacher, Mrs. Helen Dixon, at the one-room Fairview schoolhouse near Barnard, Missouri. Irene credits that early support and validation of her abilities to her ongoing love of creating stories and poetry. Irene continued to receive strong encouragement and guidance throughout her education. You can read more about that in her contribution to the Young At Heart column in the St. Joseph News Press, Sept 6, 2012

Irene graduated from Northwest Missouri State University, where she earned degrees in English and Spanish. Those degrees would eventually land her a teaching opportunity in Mercedes, Texas. She would later apply those teaching skills across the border in Mexico, teaching Sunday School. 

Irene is a longtime member of the Maryville Chapter of the Missouri Writer's Guild. 

If you are interested in ordering any of Irene's books, they may be found on on her author website at, at Amazon, or by clicking the links provided at her publisher's site, Amazing Things Press.

Listen to the author's interview on KMA radio. Click here for the direct link for the interview.

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March 2, 2017

Mama B

"Mama B, Kate’s rescued black cat, has been through many tough times, but the love for her kittens and her human mom, Kate, keeps her going despite being handicapped."

The New Student

August 14, 2016
"Manuel Santos is a new student at a school in small town far north of where he was born. His Anglo classmates know very little about the Hispanic culture from where he comes. Will a visit from his parents help or will it make matters worse with the class bully?
Manuel Santos es un nuevo estudiante en una escuela en una pequeña ciudad al norte de donde nació. Sus compañeros de clase anglosajones saben muy poco sobre la cultura hispana. ¿Ayudará la visita de sus padres o va a empeorar las cosas con el peleón de la clase?"

January 5, 2016 
Carrie's Catch 

The story of a little girl and her grandfather who go fishing and the valuable lesson that Carrie's learns about love and forgiveness.
July 27, 2015 

Harry the Horse

"Harry the Horse is an old racehorse who has seen better days. When a family of fleas decides to make Harry their home, things begin to change for Harry."
Adam had nine cats but he wished he had cool stuff like his friends. When his neighbor, Mr. Raintree, challenges him to observe and photograph his cats, he learns that he has everything he needs.

True Heart

"My person read in the want ads what drew her to me. It was only a few words but they were simple. I think we both knew that it was a match. She did not show me a sleeping place but that night even though it drizzled rain, I slept on the open porch by the window which was as close as I could get to where she slept. I knew I was home."

January 5, 2016

Real Stories

Kristi's grandmother is a natural-born storyteller, and in  she shares the tales of long ago, when she was a little girl.

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