Sue Nothstine

Tackle Box Team
Who are we?

The Tackle Box Team consists of Dr. Joyce Piveral, former teacher and high school administrator, who is now Dean of the College of Education and Human Services at Northwest Missouri State University; Nancy Piercy, retired career teacher and a Licensed Professional Counselor currently working with children and families in a private counseling practice; and Sue Nothstine, retired national award winning science teacher. We share one-hundred plus years of educational experience, along with the heart, passion and desire to effect positive change for today’s young teachers.

Teacher’s Tackle Box is a comprehensive self-help guide designed to mentor, motivate and inspire teachers.   It is easy to read, written with a sense of humor and fully illustrated with Tackle Box characters. Text is interspersed with student snapshots, “Golden Moment” stories shared by veteran teachers, and inspirational quotes. The information found in this book truly conveys the “Art and Heart of Teaching” with solutions to the real problems teachers face daily in their classrooms.  Teacher’s Tackle Box provides helpful tips to guide the new teacher through the first few hectic days of the school year. There is information on improving communication skills and maintaining a positive learning environment when there are many students who are eager to learn and others who are disruptive. It explains techniques which encourage the teacher to embrace diversity and maintain discipline. Good advice is given on how to talk to parents even if their child is not a model student. There are suggestions for dealing with students’ behavioral and emotional issues and many ideas to keep both students and teachers energized and enthusiastic.   Accompanying downloadable resources are available free at the website, , providing easy access to all of the worksheets and ideas referenced in the book. Don't forget to check out the Teacher's Tackle Box Blog and contact them via their Facebook page.

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