Saturday, December 17, 2016

KDP to Offer Paperback Publishing for Authors

(The opinions stated herein are my own, personally, and don't necessarily reflect those of every author within our writing group. Just thought some of our authors might be interested in knowing this little piece of information. Happy reading.)

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), the e-book arm of Amazon's publishing services, has begun offering KDP authors the opportunity to print paperback copies of their e-books from within the KDP website. The program is in beta testing right now. However, under this beta system, authors will not yet able to purchase author wholesale copies, print proof copies, nor can they opt-in for expanded distribution to libraries, universities, and direct-to-retailer sales. The one significant change, beyond not having to copy files back into Createspace in order to publish in print, is that the Japanese market, unavailable to Createspace  authors in the distribution settings, will be accessible through KDP print.

KDP indicates on their information page about this new opportunity that it will eventually be adding the features presently available in Createspace  to the KDP menu of choices. The intention behind this change seems to be to streamline the overall print and e-book publishing process for authors.

Presently, Createspace  authors publish their print copies at Createspace , order their author copies, and have access to expanded distribution channels. Libraries, universities, and retailers have the option of purchasing directly from Createspace . Once the Createspace book is approved and published, authors can opt-in to have their book file transferred to KDP in order to publish it in e-book form. They then then have to go to the KDP site and finalize the transfer by reviewing the electronic proof, setting their publishing choices, and approving it for final release. It's one extra step in the publishing process, but so far it seems to work relatively flawlessly.

The new opportunity to publish print copies and e-books in one location would eliminate that one extra step in the total publishing process, potentially saving authors times, and reducing redundant selections in the distribution end of things.

According to the KDP site, authors can transfer their present Createspace  titles over to KDP now without negatively affecting their Createspace titles already available to the buying market. Authors then would have the option of making those KDP print copies available in the Japanese market. A huge benefit, to be sure.

Authors should explore this new option carefully before transferring. There is information available at the KDP site and it should be read and considered. KDP authors who still want to purchase wholesale copies of their titles for resale locally or consignment to local stores, or who want to ensure their print copies are accessible directly to libraries, universities, and retailers will still need to go the Createspace  route, too. However, for KDP e-book authors who haven't, in the past, been able to offer the option of print copies without going through Createspace , this is a terrific opportunity to tap into the die-hard print readers without having to transfer anything.

Definitely a new opportunity skipping down the publishing path and worthy of consideration. Streamlining functions is, for the most part, a good idea. Less time on the technical end means more time writing.

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