Saturday, November 3, 2018

Don't Update Your Author Page When You're Sick

When you're stuck inside due to illness, there really isn't much you're interested in doing. The laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing of bathrooms is so far down on your list of desired tasks that it may never see daylight. Such is my plight today.

Since I get bored easily, I decided I would spend my quiet time between naps and doses of Advil and alternating cups of hot tea and cranberry juice to catch up some work on my author page on Amazon. Many don't know it, but they may have unpopulated fields waiting for content.

As diligent as we try to be in filling in all fields for consumers to browse, there are some that don't seem to work well and don't cross over from where they were added to the information pages. Don't rush out and try to do them right now, though.

I don't think it was the fever inhibiting my efforts to update that necessary content on my page, but rather it was a glitch in Amazon's author page system. I filled them in, clicked preview, clicked save changes, and . . . nothing. I closed the browser and restarted, and that helped on a couple, but then even it didn't work after a while. So, I sent them an email that said, "Hey! This isn't working for me. Fix it." I'm sure they'll get right on that, because I am their only author.

They've been very good about responding to my previous requests to fix stuff. And, I hope they do get it fixed, because it is essential in making your books turn up in those all important searches on their site, and we all want to have our books show up in those, often. So, you might go to your Amazon author page in a day or two, especially if you haven't visited it in a while, sign in, click on the "books" tab, and then go through your books to make sure you have filled in all the sections that you can. But, be forewarned, it might not have been fixed in the last ten minutes. It might take them a little time. You may just want to drink a hot cup of tea and eat some cookies while you're waiting.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Blog Worth Knowing

In my recent blog travels I came across Sidebar Saturdays, which seems to provide writers a wealth of information, from the legal perspective, on how to protect yourself from the many issues that can arise with respect to crafting novels, nonfiction, and other types of books. I would encourage the group, and anyone traveling through on their own blog scouting adventure, to take some time to read the posts.