Thursday, July 27, 2017

Missouri's First Poet Laureate Reads Queen Anne's Lace

Missouri's first poet laureate, Walter Bargen, reads his poem, "Queen Anne's Lace." 

You will find this an interesting video. If you love poetry and you're in the area of the Mid-Missouri Arts Alliance on August 13, 2017, you might want to check out their upcoming event, Through the Eyes of a Poet. You can also find them on their website, here.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Amusing Myself

Maryville chapter member and writer/poet, Carol Carpenter, has joined the vast network of bloggers on the world wide web. Her new blog is titled Amusing Myself, a blog whose purpose is to contain "Poetry and writing thoughts, and ideas from a self-confessed poet."

We encourage you to stop by in your online blog travels and check out Carol's pages.

Carol Carpenter's Poem is Published

We want to congratulate poet Carol Carpenter on the recent publication of her poem Early Summer on the Naturewriting site. We invite you to check out her poetry and others by clicking here.