Bob Bohlken

Bob Bohlken
Bob Bohlken, Ph.D., is the author of several books, more than fifty academic journal articles and professional papers, and numerous human interest pieces regularly published in his column in the Nodaway News Leader in Maryville, Missouri.

He is an International Listening Association Hall of Fame member.

Books by Bob Bohlken may be found at Images Unlimited Publishing and on

Bob Bohlken's Newest Release
 Learning to Listen with Significant Others

(From the back cover)
Are you really listening to me?

Identify each other's listening skills and learn his/her preferences.

Recognize how voice pitch inflection and intensity affect the language used.

Learn how eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and body attitudes affect the speaker's intentions/purposes.

As an expert in the field of listening, Bob Bohlken, Ph.D., presents his critical effective listening information to help build a foundation for healthy listening habits with significant others.

Bob Bohlken's Previous Releases

Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures

Rural Midwestern Idioms/Folk Sayings 

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