Bob Bohlken

Bob Bohlken
Bob Bohlken, Ph.D., is the author of several books, more than fifty academic journal articles and professional papers, and numerous human interest pieces regularly published in his column in the Nodaway News Leader in Maryville, Missouri.

He is an International Listening Association Hall of Fame member.

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Product DetailsIn 2017, Dr. Bohlken published the most recent of his creative endeavors, a book titled How the Rabbit Became the Easter Bunny.

"This book tells the story of how the rabbit and colored eggs became a part of the Easter celebration. Children ages 3 to 10 can follow along this journey as the WiseMan searches for a special way to celebrate Christ's resurrection and the rebirth of spring. This rebirth is a celebration of new life, forgiveness, peace, and love."

At the present, he is working on another book related to the Civil War and how it affected the lives of those who lived in Nodaway County, Missouri.

(From the back cover)
Are you really listening to me?
  • Identify each other's listening skills and learn his/her preferences.
  • Recognize how voice pitch inflection and intensity affect the language used.
  • Learn how eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and body attitudes affect the speaker's intentions/purposes.
As an expert in the field of listening, Bob Bohlken, Ph.D., presents his critical effective listening information to help build a foundation for healthy listening habits with significant others.

Bob Bohlken's Previous Releases

Rural Midwestern Idioms/Folk Sayings, published in 2007, is just the book you need if you want to talk like a real Midwesterner. How are you going to know what folks are saying without this important reference book? There are over seventy pages of lingo that every person landing in "fly-over" country needs to have. They'll make you smile. Some of them will make you scratch your head in wonder. Others may just perplex you all together.

Listening to the Mukies and Their Character Building Adventures

"These eight short stories are intended to develop an insight into character building and enhance reading and listening skills. The stories are set in a primitive society in which the usually optimistic and happy Mukies (pronounced with a long u) work together to solve problems. These compassionate and wise characters demonstrate problem-solving techniques. They address character building skills such as respect, courage, cooperation, tolerance, honesty, and peaceful co-existence."
Published in 2003 by Snaptail Press, this 104-page book pins together some important life lessons.

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