Don Nothstine

Don Nothstine made his debut in the world of fiction writers with his new novel, Died Innocent, on October 16, 2016.

It is the story of a rural doctor in Missouri in the late 1800s, who falls prey to an assassin's bullet. Died Innocent takes readers on a wonderfully intriguing path toward the truth, to identify and bring to justice the doctor's killer . It is based upon a true story.

Died Innocent is available on It is published through Amazing Things Press of St. Joseph, Missouri.

book launch is planned for November 2016. Check back here or go to the publisher's site for date, time, and details.

About the Author: 

Upon concluding a successful thirty-year career in university level teaching, mostly at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri, Don retired and began examining his list of activities that would occupy the next stage of his life. Traveling with his wife, enjoying his three children and their families, and catching up on neglected relationships occupied the earliest stages of retirement. Of course golfing with friends, avidly following the St. Louis Cardinals, and renewing a long ignored interest in Civil War history were also high on the list. 

Then one day, a small cemetery he had driven past for years on his way to and from school again caught his eye. Perusal of a related collection of nineteenth century newspaper articles compiled by a local historian further fueled his curiosity. As he investigated, he became convinced there was more to the story. Possessing an active imagination, he soon found himself wanting to fill in what he saw as the blank spaces necessary to complete it. With that, a ten-year project was conceived and after countless setbacks and incalculable learning, Died Innocent was delivered.

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