Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson is an award-winning author and publisher living in Northwest Missouri. When she is not collecting recipes and writing, she is focused on publishing the works of other authors through her publishing imprint, Images Unlimited Publishing . You can read more about Lee and her books at her Amazon author page, and gain helpful advice and information through her blog,Cooking and Kids.

Lee's latest book Healthy to the Core! was released in September of 2013 is just what the discerning parent could hope for in a recipe book geared toward a healthier lifestyle for their children. It is filled with low-sugar and no-sugar recipes kids will love to help make, and best of all, eat.

In 2005, Lee Jackson wrote and published a children's book titled The Littlest Christmas Kitten. It is a heartwarming story for children of all ages. It reading would make a delightful addition to anyone's family Christmas tradition.

In March of 1998, Lee released her apple cookbook, Apples, Apples Everywhere, a collection of favorite recipes from America's orchards. It is also a collection of cultural stories about those whose lives revolve around the nurturing and harvesting of apples. It's rich in recipes and history.

Lee's first apple book, From the Apple Orchard: Recipes for Apple Lovers was released in 1985, but the delicious nature of it has not subsided. It is still a wonderful resource to have on hand, particularly in the fall when the apples are being harvested and the chilly air begs for a hot and delicious something to come from the oven.

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